Our Story

Our story begins on the front porch over a glass of wine. One evening we (Alicia Schwartz and Annalee Oakley) were discussing how sad it is that people don't really talk to each other anymore. Most conversations consist of texts, posts on Facebook or via email. If you do actually talk to someone, one or the other has a phone in their hand and is only half listening. We could see how this was affecting everyone, especially kids and decided we would do our part to change this.

First of all, if you know us, you know we both like to talk. We love a good old fashioned conversation. Some of our best parenting tips (aside from what our mothers and grandmothers shared) have come from waiting room and checkout line chats with strangers and talking with other parents. We have met some of our best friends at the park, a ballgame or out walking the dog. These conversations only happened because we put down the phone and started chatting. 

Back to our ideology...Our hope is to be a catalyst for conversation with ChattySnaps® buttons, to create ice breakers for those awkward silences and give people something to start talking about. You may see a snap that shows you have a common interest or you see one and think what does spelunking mean? Bingo, you have a conversation starter! Get chatty!

The really cool unexpected thing we learned from starting this business was that it works on so many levels and in so many areas. We have found them to be amazing for events. Creating scavenger hunts to locate strategically placed ChattySnaps® gets people moving through venues and trade shows. Attendees can't stop talking about it even after the event is over. By customizing the message on the snaps, organizations and meet-up events can bring people together when they find someone with similar interests. And our retailers are happy with the repeat traffic. We are happy to have received wonderful feedback and to be changing the world one conversation at a time. Hopefully for the better. 😉