What Do You Know? It's Gifting Season Again!

It seems that from March to June we are non-stop shopping, looking for the perfect little something for all the gifts we need to buy. Shouldn't we just call it "Gifting Season" instead of spring, as there are so many gift-giving opportunities?

Let's begin with Easter. You need to buy goodies for baskets and trinkets to fill all those plastic eggs and don't forget the egg hunts...ChattySnaps® to the rescue! Just look at these fun ideas!



And then you have Mother's Day...what to get Mom this year? Does she do yoga? Why not personalize that yoga mat strap to show her how special she is? Photo frames are always a hit too! 



What to get teachers and coaches? If you like to give gift cards but want a little something to go with it, our key rings and water bottle holders are a sure-fire winner.




First Communion...hmmm. Another rosary? More holy cards and bibles? Why not jazz it up with a fun Tales® accessory or key ring and three ChattySnaps® from our Holy Snaps collection?


Graduation? Always give money! Those kids are going to need it, but be sure and add a ChattySnaps® key ring, Tales® accessory or water bottle holder to the card.



And what do you get Dad for Father's Day? Bet he'd love our water bottle holders for a unique, yet practical gift!


Gifting Season is in full force and we have something for everyone. Visit us or send us an email if you are looking for something specific or special. We do custom images too!





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