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We are thrilled to announce that ChattySnaps® buttons and gear are now available at Learning Express Toys in Lake Zurich, IL. If you haven't visited before, you MUST go. If you've been there, you know what we're talking about. It's a wonderful place filled with everything fun. The owners and staff are so friendly and helpful...EXACTLY what you want from a toy store! Lots of hands-on play and creativity. It has a birthday registry, free gift wrapping, free personalizing and lots of free events. And now, ChattySnaps®!       



Two Saturdays this month we were invited to launch and introduce ChattySnaps® to the patrons of Learning Express. Not sure who enjoyed it more, but boy, did we have a blast! Bringing the design-your-own equipment along was a big hit. 




Learning Express is selling Tales®, key rings, lanyards, pouches, and of course ChattySnaps® buttons. Our Tales® accessories are designed to clip onto backpacks and get kids to look up and start talking to each other. ChattySnaps® buttons are all about telling your story, what you like and how you are feeling. They are excellent party favors, can be rewards for good grades and behavior, and are just plain fun. Wear, share and collect ChattySnaps®!

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