Back to School with ChattySnaps, Now in More Stores



We are excited to announce that ChattySnaps are now available in more stores--just in time for the new school year! Helping kids express themselves and start real-life conversations in a digital world is what we do, and we love seeing kids looking up from their phones, sharing interests, and talking with each other.

Real conversation is powerful, and we believe there's more to social than social networking. ChattySnaps help to connect people through common interests. It can be difficult to know what hobbies, beliefs, or favorite team or band someone has, but ChattySnaps makes it easy--without the clumsy pins and holes in your clothes. ChattySnaps are designed to be fun, interchangeable ways to express yourself as the mood fits.

ChattySnaps are THE must-have back-to-school accessory, and they're a great way to turn a backpack into a conversation starter! The good news is that ChattySnaps are now available in several new stores, making them even easier to collect. Visit any of these fun stores to see what the latest collectibles are all about:

We are happy to make ChattySnaps more easily available, and we thank these stores for helping us do that. Be sure to visit them soon. Which ChattySnaps will you be wearing?

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