Button Makers, Rejoice!

The popularity of button-making machines has made it easy for anyone to make their own buttons for fun and profit. People have enjoyed wearing and sharing buttons for decades, and it's no wonder! People all over the world wear buttons to show who their favorite bands are, who they're voting for, how they feel about something, or millions of other reasons.

Now there's a new way to use those button-making machines, and we think button makers will love the chance to use the machines they already have to be among the first to offer ChattySnaps® to their friends and their customers. Our point of purchase starter kit provides button makers with an introduction to ChattySnaps, as well as the chance to quickly earn their money back by selling these hot new snaps. Each starter kit includes the following:

  • Point of Purchase
    Made of sturdy, white Sintra material with clear, acrylic front to showcase your assembled ChattySnaps® Buttons. Reusable and easy to restock. Small footprint at your booth or cash wrap. 7” x 7” x 10” Made in USA.
  • 24 Tales® Accessories
    Each ChattySnaps Tales accessory comes with three studs, split ring and a blue carabiner. Made in USA (except carabiner).
  • ChattySnaps® Component Sets
    200 ChattySnaps component part sets (shells, backs, and mylar). Assemble in a Tecre 1 ¼” button maker machine (available, but not included).
  • Static Window Cling
    One static “ChattySnaps Sold Here” window cling for easy display in your storefront window.

Don't delay! Get your starter kit today for only $199 and have it start working for you. In no time you will more than double your money.


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