Not Just For Kids!

Years ago when we started making ChattySnaps, we wanted to help kids talk to each other by finding common ground. These little ice breakers were working and a whole lot of kids were talking. Little did we know that the adults would be asking for them too. We listened and have since created snaps for Diva Nights, Girls Night Out, moms and dads, teachers, coaches, nurses and more.



Funny sayings, inspirational sayings, and TV-themed snaps are some of the most popular requests we have received, but not wanting “to adult” and the need to “wine a bit” have been the most entertaining. In fact, we recently started creating “happy hour” snaps for the over 21 fans, and as the saying goes, we’ll drink to that.



Rather than categorize our snaps or group them on our website, we have them all mixed in together. This way when you are scrolling through, you may break out into an unexpected chuckle or utter a little “Amen!” in agreement. We like the wide variety and assortment we have accumulated and look forward to what comes next. We take suggestions all the time from our customers, so we are as surprised and delighted as you when the new ChattySnaps emerge. Thank you for the suggestions, inspiration, and continued support! We appreciate all of you so much!

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