May Snap of the Month: Class of 2020

This month we honor all the graduates of 2020, the year of no graduation ceremonies. What a strange finale to the school year! We feel for the preschool and kindergarten parents looking forward to this milestone, to the middle school, eighth grade, and high school graduates who were looking forward to parties, and especially to the college graduates, who have been working for this their whole academic lives. This must be a huge disappointment for so many of you. What an anti-climactic finish!

We want you to know we are proud of all your accomplishments big and small. We celebrate ALL graduates, the Class of 2020.  A young lady recently said that you may not realize it, but you are living during an historical time now. This will be remembered and written about in history books and YOU will be able to say you were there. YOU will be able to share YOUR stories and be relevant. Hopefully, that we help make it sting a little less.

We hope you will be able to celebrate with your families, friends, and loved ones soon. Congratulations!!!

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