Happy New Year!

Do New Year’s resolutions intimidate you? Maybe you’ve already given up? For years I refused to make New Year’s resolutions. I knew I wouldn’t stick with them, so what was the point? Many resolutions are too vague and/or have no accountability and so knowing that, I refused to play. Yes, I was aware of SMART goals, but it just seemed like hard work. If I didn’t set any goals or resolutions I couldn’t fail.


A few years ago I changed my mind about New Year’s resolutions. I decided that ANY change for the better was admirable and if I was good a few days more than I would have been before then that was improvement, with or without defined and measurable goals. I decided not to cheat myself out of a great opportunity for self improvement. I adopted an attitude of mindfulness instead. If I stayed in the moment and cut back on my multi-tasking tendencies, that would be a step in the right direction. I would try to really listen when the kids were talking to me, put down my phone or stop writing that email. That text or email could wait...my kids, however, would quit talking to me if they knew I wasn’t really listening. And you know what? It was very rewarding! Inspired, I decided to reach out more to others. Mindfulness became the inspiration for our company vision...to get people talking. 


All too often, people are glued to their phones and other devices. You've seen it...in doctor’s office waiting rooms, in elevators, waiting in a checkout line, sitting next to other parents at our kids' ball games. We miss opportunities to make new connections. One of the main reasons we started ChattySnaps® was to help with the awkwardness in these situations. We want to provide an ice breaker, a catalyst for conversation. We want to give people a reason to look up and engage. Our hope is that by having interesting and fun ChattySnaps® buttons on bags, key rings and hats, people can't help but to start talking. They'd notice that they have common interests (yoga, gaming, sports, travel) or ask about a particular place (“You’ve been to Chicago? Was it fun?”).


By talking to one another we meet interesting people, we learn new things and about new places, or we might just put a smile on someone’s face that was having a bad day. It is important for us to keep talking. We need each other to get through tough times, to stay motivated, to grow. Life is more fun shared in person, not virtually. So live, stay mindful, and get chatty! Happy New Year!




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