Helping Kids Return to School

We can all safely say that since March 2020 things have been tough, but that has been all the more so for children forced to "attend school" from home. Children need to be with other people, to socialize and learn how to navigate the different situations that arise in the company of others. They need to learn how to read facial expressions, notice nuances and act accordingly. It is all part of the learning process.

Some kids have started back to school, and others will return soon. They will have to make adjustments in their interactions with others. Wearing masks and social distancing may be the norm elsewhere, but it's very different when you're in the same room with your friends and classmates after a year apart. It's difficult to notice the smile or the anxiety behind a mask, to not hug your friend, and to be separated behind plexiglass. There's also the issue of having been away so long. As one Chicago Public Schools principal put it, “They’re so used to being isolated now, they’re uncomfortable when they’re around people.”

Of course, all of this speaks to us at ChattySnaps. as we created our products to help kids talk to each other other and look up from their devices. Our snaps are designed to help break the ice and start conversations. We hope ChattySnaps on backpacks can help kids express themselves when their faces cannot. We hope they can help empower those that need it and provide a few chuckles along the path back to normalcy.

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