April Snap of the Month: Smiley with Mask

Well, folks, it's a sign of the times...the "new normal." Everyone is wearing them now.

Things have sure changed in the last six weeks. Who ever thought you would go to the bank wearing a mask and it was not only appreciated, but expected? We never imagined we would design an emoji with a mask, much less make it our snap of the month, but here we are. Funny thing is, we were all set to have one of our environmental ChattySnaps be our April Snap of the month, for Earth Day, but this seems more timely.

The truth is, we miss seeing faces with all the expressions, smiles and the other wonderful emotions that were so easily seen and interpreted at a glance. We look forward to getting back to some sort of the old "normal" we all knew and loved. If you need to wear a mask, wear it proudly and make those smiles bigger so we can see them. We promise to smile back. 

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